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August 2015 Booster Meeting Notes

posted Sep 9, 2015, 3:20 PM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters
August 25, 2015
Meeting Minutes from the annual Meet and Greet


Deborah Gacek, Ilene O’Neil, Wendy D’Agostino, Cliff and D’lynn Stone, Renee Steves, Darcy and Dave Constantine, Jan Geist

The Boosters held a meeting prior to the parents meet and greet.  The objective was to get alignment on this year’s key objectives, initiate the fund raising plan, and to get ready to host the parents at the meet and greet

2015 / 2016 Coventry Music Booster Objectives

  • Continue to support the music programs as we have in the past – with minor adjustment. 

    • “Meet and Greet” for band parents

    • Refreshments for the pep band at home football games (including a full up pot luck at the last game)

    • PTO craft fair holly wreath sale

    • Refreshments at concerts.  This year, hospitality will provide refreshments for the kids in the band, fund raising committee will sell refreshments to the concert attendees.

    • Supporting the annual band “Bandquet”

    • Providing two scholarships

    • Senior gifts

    • Support for providing Memorial Day Parade

    • Fund raisers to support the band trip

    • Other miscellaneous support as required by the music department

  • Expand music booster participation to include more chorus and middle school representation

  • Raise money to offset the cost of the Nashville trip, while developing a high return, repeatable cadence of fundraisers that are synchronized with, and complementary to, the Band’s fundraisers (Citrus Sale, Mattress Sale, Baked goods sale at Coventry Farmers Market)

Music Booster Officers

  • Becky Kennedy has volunteered to succeed Dave Black and VP – Band.  Thank you Becky!

  • Deborah Gacek has volunteered to be Communications lead – thank you Deborah!

  • We need to identify VP – Chorus

  • We need to identify a webmaster

  • Other officers remain the same.  Cliff Stone – Pres, Jean Jennings – treasurer, Ilene O’Neil and D’lynn Stone – hospitality chairs, Wendy Dagostino – fund raising lead.  Thanks to all for your support.

Other News

  • Boosters will be present at both Middle School open house Sept 16, and HS open house Sept 30.  Need volunteers to staff the table at middle school.

  • Darcy is taking the lead on creating a Music Booster Board that can be a visual display for when the Boosters are present at an event.  Thanks Darcy.  Needs pictures and help.

Meet and Greet

  • Thanks in large part to the work of Deborah, we had an awesome turnout at the open house.  Deborah created and sent a hardcopy letter to every band member house advertising the meet and greet.  We had about 15-20 parents attend, and got contact information from all of them.  Many were anxious to support the boosters.  Should be a good year!


Upcoming Events:

    • Thursday, 9/3, Booster meeting.  Moved from Sept 10.

June Booster Meeting Minutes

posted Jul 2, 2015, 11:02 AM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters
June 4, 2015
June Monthly Meeting Minutes


Rebecca Kennedy, Debra Gacek, Ilene O’Neil, Wendy D’Agostino, Cliff and D’Lynn Stone, Ned Smith, Debbie Bailey, Jean Jennings, Bill McHugo, Renee Steves, Dave Black, Darcy and Dave Constantine, Jan Geist, Lynda Picard

Band Update

·       Received thank you letter from Dollars For Scholars for donation to Griffin’s Scholarship Fund

·       CHS had some leftover money and Joe Blake awarded some of these funds to the band program.  With the money, the school was able to purchase a French Horn, Tympani drums and some additional music stands.  We appreciate the support from CHS!

·       2015-2016 Fundraisers – Ned committed to the following fundraisers:

o   Citrus Sale

o   Mattress Sale

o   Bake Sale at Coventry Farmers Market

·       2015 – 2016 Music Department calendar in progress

·       Upcoming Events:

o   Thursday, 6/11, Contemporary Concert – will hand out Band Service Award

o   Friday, 6/12, Tri-M Concert

o   Saturday, 6/13, Bandquet – kids are doing a great job organizing the event on their own.  Food sign-up sheet is being passed around.  Event will be from 5:00 – 9:00 pm

o   Saturday, 6/20, Graduation

o   Tuesday, 8/25, Freshman Orientation and Meet & Greet

§  Considering making this a mandatory meeting for all band members

§  Suggestion was made to send a few high school students to the 8th grade band to collect names, phone numbers and email addresses so everyone is aware of this orientation and meet and greet

·       2016 Trip – will be week after April vacation.  Two options:

o   Nashville – lots of musical interaction; 14 hour bus trip; ~ $900 per student

o   Toronto, Canada – not as much musical interaction; possible stop at Eastman University (no promises); possible participation in a music fest; ~ $800 per student

§  Boosters discussed:  the majority prefer the Nashville trip, but would like a little more info:

·       Any possibility of the students/chaperones flying?  We have volunteers to drive the instruments down.

·       If going by bus, want confirmation that there will be at least two drivers per bus

Booster Discussion

·       Bandquet, June 13th

o   Students are doing most of the planning themselves

o   Suggestion is to have six parents to help throughout the night, especially at clean up – show of hands about 8 people will be there

o   Clean up will be 8:45 – 9:30

o   Will provide gifts to Ned and the Seniors – Wendy & Renee

·       Scholarships

o   Received 8 applications – only recognizing individuals who met the date

o   Selected Joe Stickles and Piper Stepule

o   Jean will write checks for each student

o   Wendy will purchase cards for students

o   Will be presented at the Bandquet

·       Bank Balance

o   $2,129 current balance

o   Additions and subtractions for cash box, scholarships, mugs, gift certificate, etc brings balance to $1,600

o   Anticipating approximately $2,000 additional funds from Cassidy Hill fundraiser

o   $3,600 – approximate balance to start the 2015-2016 year with

·       Cassidy Hill Fundraiser

o   We can sell 100 tickets, but have a target goal of 75 – currently have sold 61 – Wendy is doing a great job getting the word out!

o   Suggestion is to send one final email reminder about the fundraiser, but include it in an email of upcoming dates/events

o   Becky will draft an email and provide to Cliff

o   Not sure of our total profit yet; will be determined at end of the evening (based on # of open bottles of wine)

o   No money spent on food – it was all donated or baked

·       Alumni Letter

o   Lists received from Mr. Susi and Ned have been typed up and there are approximately 274 people on the list; mostly with email addresses

o   Want to send a letter out now introducing the Boosters

o   Deb to share draft with Wendy

o   Deb will look to see how to import these names into Charms

·       2015-2016 Fundraisers

o   Want to be a bit more diligent with our planning efforts

o   Plan to hold fundraising meeting in August

o   Will need to do numerous fund raisers to support the 2016 band trip – coordinate this with the band’s events

o   Will need a strategy for splitting the money earned – some for students; some for band activities

·       2015-2016 Fundraiser Ideas

o   Munson Candy for Easter – Darcy is coordinating this

o   Paint, Sip, Fun

o   Lightbulbs

o   Craft Fair/Wreath Sales

·       2015-2016 Officers

o   David Black (Booster VP) and Debbie Bailey (Booster Secretary) will not be returning and positions will need to be replaced

o   Suggestion was made to have a leader / follower for each position

o   Will discuss replacements during summer Booster meeting

·       Incoming Freshman Orientation

o   Deb Gacek will draft a letter that will be sent to incoming freshman band and coral parents

o   Will be sent from Charms

·       Booster Input on 2016 Trip

o   Nashville trip is our preference

o   Cliff will discuss the following concerns with Ned

§  If going by bus, confirm that there will be at least two drivers per bus

§  Can we get pricing for flights?

·       Some parents volunteered to drive all instruments down in a U-Haul


March/April Minutes

posted Apr 20, 2015, 4:50 AM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters
April 2, 2015
March/April Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Piper Stepule, Cliff & D’Lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Wendy D’Agostino, Ilene O’Neil, Jean Jennings, Becky Kennedy, Darcy and Dave Constantino, Debbie Bailey

This report will summarize the March/April combined Booster meeting on 2 April

Band Council Report:

·       Budget – Plan was $4,500; Actual is $4,448 – great job for the first year of managing their own funds!

·       Banquet is in the planning stages; will be held in May at Patriot’s Park – more details to come in the near future

·       After 4/10 concert, seniors will have their picture taken

Band Director’s Report:

·           Next year band attendance is projected to be around 130 students

·           Commissioned a piece of music to be played at last concert of 2015; composer Tom Wargo from Rutgers

·           Currently planning overnight trip for next year

·       Would like to do a trip to Philadelphia; Toronto; Nashville or VA Beach

·       Ned sent survey out through Charms

·           Tony Soucey retiring at the end of this school year

·       Full time successor will be hired

·       Coventry music department vision is to break down barriers between music programs

·           Booster Expansion - potential opportunities for a district wide Booster organization

·       to be discussed in the future

·           Next years Pop’s Concert will be a district-wide concert

·           Upcoming Dates

·       4/9 – Spring concert; will be charging for admission - $3 students/seniors; $5 general admission; $15 family of four or more

·       4/11 – John Cage concert; there is room on the bus if anyone wants to go

·       5/16 – Blue Man Group; 4 spots available if anyone wants to go

·       5/28 – Contemporary Music Concert

§  No admission fee, but Boosters will put donation drum out

§  Will sell remaining water and candy

·       5/31 – Memorial Day Parade; will be wearing new polo shirts

·       6/20 - Graduation

Booster Update:


·           Bank balance $2,268

Fundraising Efforts

·       Huskython:  Margie did this, but we aren’t sure how much money was made

·       Lightbulbs:  yes, we will do this in mid-April

·       BJ’s: At the beginning of each month, BJs will donate $25 gift cards to organizations presenting a request letter

o    Becky will get Coventry school letter head

o    Wendy will draft letter that can be modified each month

o    Wendy will visit BJs to get the card, if available

o    Cards can be used to get food or gift items throughout the year

·       Alumni Letter:  in progress

o    Jess Bailey working on list

o    Letter is drafted, Plan to send out now with current band news with a follow up in the fall asking for donations

o    Any donations that are made will go into the Band account (Ned’s)

·       Cassidy Hill Vineyard:  no date scheduled yet

o    Will be a Saturday night after 5 pm; probably do something late June

o    $400 fee for the room for up to 75 people

·       Paint-Sip-Fun:  to be scheduled

o    Debbie will work on getting a location and securing a date from the painting company

o    Target end of April/early May

·       Applebees

o    Ilene will contact them to schedule something for the fall

Next Meeting

·           Discuss how to handle refreshments at concert next year, when to se3rve and whether to charge or not


February Minutes

posted Feb 20, 2015, 5:52 AM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters

February 12, 2015

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Renee Steeves, Ilene O’Neil, Jean Jennings, Becky Kennedy, Debbie Bailey, Bill McHugo

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 12 February

Band Director’s Report:

·           Jazz band has decided not to perform for the Valentine’s Day dance

·           New York City Band Trip – May 16th – members of the band who wish to participate can travel to NYC to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Blue Man Group prior to their performance.  The cost per person will be $205 and there has to be 50 participants for the trip to occur.  Mr. Smith will send additional info home with the students.

·           Polo Shirts – need to order additional polo shirts.  In the past, Ned has worked with AMonogram4U, but they have since gone out of business.  Darcy Constantino will help Ned in finding forest green polos and get them monogramed.

·           Discussion on Boosters expanding to other groups – we discussed various options and will continue these discussions at next month’s meeting when more members are in attendance

Booster Update:


·           Bank balance = TBA (Jean arrived at meeting directly from work and didn’t have the info)

Middle School Participation with CHS Music Boosters

·       Various options were discussed – opening support to the middle school choir only; opening it to all music programs in K – 12

·       Will need to be discussed at next month’s meeting

Fundraising Efforts

·       February 27:  CHS Husky-thon food sales – Margie wasn’t in attendance - no update

·       February:  Light Bulb sales – Margie and Lynda – no update.  Please note – Jean thought she saw a flyer up at one of the gyms for some other group selling light bulbs – does anyone have additional information on this?

·       March:  Alumni Letter – Contact info received from Ned; draft letter shared with Cliff, Wendy and Ned

·       April:  Dunkin Donuts Fill The Drum – Dunkin Donuts won’t allow any more collections as it slows down the line – won’t be doing this

·       May:  Cassidy Hill Vineyard Wine Tasting and Silent Auction – Wendy has a call into a contact for the Winery to get more info

·       Future fundraising efforts:

o    PaintSipFun – Debbie – contacted company and they are available 3/21 or 3/28.  Ackert Hall only available 3/28.  Waiting to hear back to see if they will “donate” the room ($225)

o    Applebees Pancake Breakfast – someone should contact them to see if we can get signed up to do a breakfast; one group in town just made a quick $1,000


·       22 Feb – Chorus trip to see Matilda in NYC

·       27 Feb – CHS Husky-thon

·       Feb – Light Bulb Sale Fundraiser

·       TBD – PaintSipFun Fundraiser

·       Mar – Alumni Letter Fundraiser

·       11 Apr – CHS Band “Enrichment Day”

·       24-26 Apr – Chorus Festival of Music, VA Beach

·       16 May – New York City band trip

·       May – Cassidy Hill Wine Tasting Fundraiser

January Booster Minutes - 1/8/15

posted Jan 12, 2015, 7:32 AM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters

January 8, 2015

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Cliff Stone, D'lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Ilene O’Neil, Jean Jennings, Deborah Gacek, Dave Black, Becky Kennedy, Lynda Picard, Debbie Bailey, Wendy D’Agostino, Bill McHugo, Dave and Darcy Constantino, Margie Stickles,

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 8 January

Band Director’s Report:

·           Quote for the New York City trip that was being researched is expensive.  The band is considering other alternatives

·           Looking to expand the “music enrichment” experience day on 4/11 to include other local musical activities

·       Potential agenda: UHart director led seminar in the morning, quick lunch, potential tour of UCONN’s music department or UHart’s music department, or some other music activity in the afternoon; dinner, then the already planned UHart music performance in the evening.

·       Need to find a dinner venue to accommodate 100 people – ideas include Science Center, Infinity Bistro and Music Hall, Movie Theater, Nathan Hale Inn (near UConn), UConn dining hall, Georgina’s (can do $20 per person),

§  Debbie will reach out to these venues

·           Middle school choir teacher has asked for assistance from the CHS Music Boosters to help with purchase of storage equipment and other items

·       See below for Booster discussion on this topic

Booster Update:


·           Bank balance = $2,516.29

Middle School Participation with CHS Music Boosters

·       Boosters have long had a goal of expanding beyond the CHS band, and into CHS chorus as well as middle school band and chorus.  We still aspire to be more inclusive.

·       Boosters are willing to assist the middle school choir and band, however will need to get active participation from adult volunteers of the middle school students to assist the Booster’s activities

·       Cliff will discuss with Ned

Fundraising Efforts

·       Fundraising goal is to be able to raise money to assist the music program by providing some items from the Band/Choir Wish List

·       Fundraising efforts to be handled now – person coordinating the fundraiser will do all of the planning and let us all know what help they need from other members.  Please coordinate back with Boosters before launch of any fundraising activity

o    February 27:  CHS Husky-thon food sales

§  Margie will coordinate

o    February:  Light Bulb sales

§  Margie and Lynda will coordinate

o    March:  Alumni Letter (reaching out to alumni for financial support of Coventry music)

§  Debbie and Wendy will coordinate

o    April:  Dunkin Donuts Fill The Drum

§  Jean Jennings will coordinate

o    May:  Cassidy Hill Vineyard Wine Tasting and Silent Auction

§  Wendy and Renee will coordinate

·       Future fundraising efforts:

o    Rest Stop “Coffee Break”

o    Collection Cans (trip year)

o    Pajama Day

o    Band-A-Thon (trip year)

o    Pasta Dinner


·       22 Feb – Chorus led trip to see Matilda in NYC

·       27 Feb – CHS Husky-thon

·       Feb – Light Bulb Sale Fundraiser

·       Mar – Alumni Letter Fundraiser

·       11 Apr – CHS Band “Enrichment Day”

·       April – Dunkin Donuts Fundraiser

·       24-26 Apr – Chorus Festival of Music, VA Beach

·       May – Cassidy Hill Wine Tasting Fundraiser

December Booster Meeting Cancelled

posted Dec 8, 2014, 1:13 PM by Coventry Music Boosters

Hi - the CHS Music Boosters meeting scheduled for December 11th is cancelled.  Here is a brief summary of info for you:

  • We made about $700 at the PTO craft fair
  • Need support for refreshments at Winter Concert on 12/18
  • Need people to sell tickets.  Does anyone know how to reserve the ticket booth?
  • We need to have a Fund raising committee meeting in January - either a meeting outside of our regularly scheduled Boosters meeting or at the January Boosters meeting - email us with your preference.

November Booster Minutes - 11/20

posted Dec 5, 2014, 3:23 PM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters

Nov 20, 2014

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Cliff Stone, D'lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Ilene O’Neil, Jean Jennings, Jan Geist, Dave Black, Becky Kennedy, Lynda Picard, Piper Stepule

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 20 November

Band Director’s Report:

·         On Nov 17, 6 students represented Coventry at ASBDA festival at Cogenstaug high school.  This is a big accomplishment for the students and a prestigious event to be invited to.

o   ASBDA has given Coventry HS the opportunity to host this event on Nov 17 2015.  Ned will pursue this.  Boosters will support as required.

·         Coventry HS was invited to be one of ten schools that will collectively commission a piece of music from a respected composer (missed his name).  The band activity fund will pay the $500 commissioning fee.  Piece will be done in 2015, but we can play in 2015 or 2016.

·         Coventry schools have created the position of Music Department head for the first time.  Ned was chosen as department head and as such has responsibility for the entire music program in Coventry schools, K-12.  CONGRATULATIONS Ned!

·         Ned shared lots of budget related information.  Thanks Ned for being transparent with the budget info

o   The 2015/15 Board of Ed budget request by line item was shared.  There is good news in that District leadership supported an increase in the HS band budget for 2015/16, approximately double the budget for 2013/14.  Band budget has been flat for several years at about $5k.  This year’s request includes a much needed new French horn and other critical supplies.

o   Also shared the various budget “buckets” and where the money comes from and what it supports.

§  Board of Ed budget.  Allocated to band from overall school budget.  Pays for busses, instruments, music, repairs, accompanist, required fees

§  CHS Band Activity fund.  Comes from concerts, donations, student individual payments.  Pays for anything that is necessary to run the program but exceeds the school budget (music, repairs, and supplies).  This is required because the schools budget is insufficient.

§  Band Council budget.  New this year.  A separate account intended to give band council authority and responsibility over some budget.  This year, they raised ~$4500 from the baked goods sale, citrus sale, mattress sale.

§  Ned also shared the music department “wish list.”  Boosters had asked for this so that we could set our sights on a goal to be able to fund raise toward.  Boosters are an independent organization, separate from the band, which supports the music programs in Coventry Schools.

Booster Update:

PTO Craft Fair

·         The rest of the meeting was dedicated to detail planning of the PTO Craft Fair

·         Boosters will be selling wreaths, small poinsettias, ornaments, crafts, Munson’s candy

·         Wreaths

o   We have a few people who have donated holly for the holly wreaths

§  Three locations from Jean, Lynda Picard has a couple locations and so does Margie

o   We are also buying 12 balsam wreaths from Copley’s

o   Will make as many Holly wreaths as we can and possibly also make some mixed

·         Cliff has to resend the sign up genius to remind people of the craft fair


·         Darcy has ordered 47 sweatshirts.  This includes 6 extras.  Will be available after Thanksgiving


·         6 Dec - PTO craft fair

·         11 Dec - Booster meeting

·         18 Dec - Winter Concert

·         22 Feb – Chorus led trip to see Matilda in NYC

·         24-26 April – Chorus Festival of Music, VA Beach

October Booster Meeting Minutes - 10/8/14

posted Oct 13, 2014, 7:40 AM by Coventry Music Boosters   [ updated Oct 18, 2014, 11:04 AM ]

Coventry Music Boosters

October 8, 2014

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Cliff Stone, D'lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Wendy D'Agostino, Ilene O'neil, Jean Jennings, Debbie Bailey, Margie Stickles, Kate Ferrara, Dawn Jacobs, Hailey Jacobs, Dave Black, Deborah Gacek, Becky Kennedy, Piper Stepule, Melissa Rood

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 8 October

Band Director’s Report:

·       NEDC Accreditation scheduled for next year

o   Very important that parents complete the survey that will be sent out in a few weeks

·       Charms

o   Need CHARMS to be complete with every student e-mail address and at least one parent e-ail address

o   Need 6 students email addresses and a lot of parent email addresses

o   Boosters have been set up with an account

o   Debbie/Ned will work to identify missing parent email addresses and attempt to get them updated

·       Concert conflict.  The soccer game that was previously scheduled as a day game this Friday, Oct 10, got moved to a night game, and now conflicts with the Concert.  About six kids affected.  Ned goes to a lot of trouble to schedule concerts when there are no conflicts. 

o   Boosters take action to ask Parent Advisory Council, or other appropriate organization and ask that Band Concert dates be respected.

·       Music Library

o   Thank you to the Kennedy’s!  The library shelves have been built and are being stocked with music

·       Nathan Hale Bake Sale – Sunday, October 12th

o   Baked goods can be dropped off at the school, with Piper, or brought to the Farmers Market on Sunday

o   Lots of students are participating and adult supervision will be there

·       Band Council

o   Working on building a checklist for future fundraising events to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Chorus Report:

·       Butterbraids Fundraiser

o   Need parents to help on delivery day, October 28th, at 12:30 pm - Need 4 volunteers

o   Cliff will send an email through Charms after specific request comes from Melissa

·       Chamber Concert – October 22nd

o   The chorus will be performing on 10/22 and have invited any of the band members who want to do a solo, duet, any other type of performance to join in

·       Holiday Concert – week before Winter vacation

o   Still in the planning stages

o   Would like to partner with the band

·       NYC trip to see Matilda – February 22nd

o   Need at least 20 more people to sign up

o   $75 includes bus trip and Broadway ticket to show

o   Leave CHS 8 am; return approximately 10 pm

·       VA Beach – Festival of Music – April 24 - 26

o   Need 35 more??? people to attend

o   $660 per person, so will need to do fundraising

Booster Update:

Treasurer’s Report

·       Bank balance = $1,472.04

·       Paid printing and grocery bills

·       Fully transitioned out of the school account

Open Discussion

·       What are the various accounts and what is covered by them?


Band Council


·       Outside support to help the music program in general

·       Help to purchase larger expense items and wish list items

·       Raise money through fundraisers and donations

·       General fund to be used by the band members

·       Raise money through fundraisers

·       Purchase types include t-shirts, instruments, etc.

·       This is Ned’s budget provided by the Board of Education

·       Very small budget

·       Money is used to purchase or fix instruments, purchase music

·       Fundraising efforts are over and above this account

·       Band budget is quite small.  Consideration given to band / boosters / parents putting a campaign together to get a larger budget for the band.  A budget that matches the size / growth / accomplishments of the band in the past several years.  Fudnraising committee action to brainstorm

·       Fund raising committee meeting needs to be scheduled.  Margie will talk to Wendy and target the week of 27 Oct

·       Citrus fundraiser coming up.  This is a band council fundraiser and Carol Gould will be the Booster assigned to support the band.  Oct 20-24 distribute forms.  Nov 7 forms due back.  December delivery.

·       Wreaths

o   Remind friends not to cut their holly bushes – we need the donations


·       10 Oct - Fall Concert

·       12 Oct - Bake Sale Nathan Hale Homestead

·       20 Oct – Citrus Fundraiser Kicks Off

·       22 Oct – Chamber Concert

·       24 Oct - Home football game

·       3 Nov – Butterbraid Delivery – 1:00 pm

·       7 Nov - Home football game

·       7 Nov – Citrus Fundraiser Ends

·       8 Nov - Mattress Fundraiser

·       13 Nov - Booster meeting

·       14 Nov - Home football game – potluck dinner served before the game to the band

·       6 Dec - PTO craft fair

·       11 Dec - Booster meeting

·       18 Dec - Winter Concert

·       22 Feb – Chorus led trip to see Matilda in NYC

·       24-26 April – Chorus Festival of Music, VA Beach



October Booster Meeting Agenda - Oct 8th

posted Oct 4, 2014, 7:59 AM by Coventry Music Boosters

This month's Booster meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 8th.  We have agreed to combine the Booster meeting with the prep session for the mattress sale.  All parents have been requested to attend.  The meeting will be in the band room and will start at 6:30 as usual.

The mattress fundraiser meeting will be first at 6:30.  Then we will have our booster meeting. 

Our booster agenda will include:

1) Band Director report (NEASC accreditation, fall concert conflict with soccer, more)

2) Band council report (fundraising events)

3) Chorus Director report

4) chorus council report

5) Booster financial report

6) CHARMS status

7) calendar review

8) next meeting

Booster Meeting Minutes 9/11/14

posted Sep 15, 2014, 5:37 PM by Coventry Music Boosters   [ updated Sep 22, 2014, 12:32 PM ]

Coventry Music Boosters

September 11, 2014

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Cliff Stone, D'lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Wendy D'Agostino, Nina D'Agostino. Ilene O'neil, Jean Jennings, Debbie Bailey, Margie Stickles, Carol Gould, Dave Constantino, Darcey Constantino, Rich Ferrara, Kate Ferrara, Dawn Jacobs, Haily Jacobs, Dave Black, Deborah Gacek, Becky Kennedy, Piper Stepule

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 11 September

Band Director’s Report:

·       98 members

·       Using Charms system for class work, grading and communication with students

·       Currently working with students to get email and phone numbers updated in system

·       Ned will provide the Boosters with an account; we can access the database for emails

·       Football team purchased Pep Band t-shirts

·       Band will use $400 to purchase books for Section Leaders

·       Fundraisers – each student must participate in at last one activity:

o   Bake Sale at Nathan Hale Homestead – October 12

o   Mattress Sale – November 8

§  Company will handle the sale; band has to create flyers

o   Citrus Fundraiser – December

·       Football Games:

o   September 19, 26

o   October 3, 24

o   November 7, 14

o   First 5 games, Boosters will provide refreshments

o   Last game, Boosters will do a pot luck dinner and desert

·       Alumni Distribution List

o   Hasn’t been maintained in a long time

o   Ned would like to see if we could create a flyer and email out to this list

o   Possible annual fundraising opportunity

·       Field Trips

o   Looking to go to University of Hartford for “Music Circus” April 11th

·       Sweatshirts

o   Darcy will get style and pricing options to share with the band and chorus

Chorus Report:

·       NYC trip to see Matilda – February 22nd

o   Need more chaperones

o   Band members can join this trip

·       VA Beach – May

o   Competition

o   Busch Gardens

o   $660 per person, so will need to do fundraising

·       Fundraising Activities

o   Butterbraids

o   Coffee Beans

o   Natures Mission

Booster Update:

Treasurer’s Report

·       Bank Account was set up at Rockville Bank for the Band; Chorus has its own bank account

o   Cliff Stone and Jean Jennings are both signers on the account

o   This is not a tax exempt account; will work through the school for any large purchases

Open Discussion

·       Music Library needs to be assembled.  Becky’s husband will install the shelving.

·       Brochure was updated for 2014 – 2015 year; will print a supply for use at Open House

·       Fundraisers

o   Band has their own fundraisers that are separate from any Booster fundraiser

o   Band raises funds for trips and things that they want

o   Boosters raise funds for things that will help the band (ex, risers for the stage, piano, etc.)

o   Chorus does its own fundraising

o   Fundraising committee needs to meet to set up activities – September 25th – 6:30 pm – Chorus room

·       Wreaths

o   There is a company that will sell us plain green wreaths with a red bow for $7.50 each

o   Will look into this more in preparation for wreath-making fundraiser

·       Football Games

o   Will use Signup Genius for the first game asking for donations of drinks and munchies

o   Will see if we can use Charms in the future for this

·       Open House – September 22nd

o   Need to call school and arrange a table

o   Need to get drum for donations

o   Need to get brochures printed


·       19 Sept Home football game

·       22 Sept Open House

·       25 Sept Fundraiser Committee Meeting

·       26 Sept Home football game

·       3 Oct Home football game

·       8 Oct Booster meeting

·       10 Oct Fall Concert

·       12 Oct Bake Sale Nathan Hale Homestead

·       24 Oct Home football game

·       7 Nov Home football game

·       8 Nov Mattress Fundraiser

·       13 Nov Booster meeting

·       14 Nov Home football game

·       6 Dec PTO craft fair

·       11 Dec Booster meeting

·       18 Dec Winter Concert




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