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August 2014 - Minutes

posted Sep 3, 2014, 8:03 AM by Coventry Music Boosters
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CMB meeting date: 21 Aug 2014

Date of this report: 27 Aug 2014



Cliff Stone, D’lynn Stone, Jean Jennings, Margie Stickles, Dave Black, Bill McHugo, Ilene O’Neil, Dawn Jacobs, Haley Jacobs, Ned Smith

We started the year with an informal gathering of the Boosters and Cliff and D’lynn’s house.  It was nice to have Haley Jacobs join us.  She will serve as an intermediary between the Boosters and the Choral members.

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 21 Aug, and the meet and greet on 26 Aug

Band Director’s Report

·        Joseph Blake is the new Principal.  He will be a good supporter of the CHS music programs.. 

·        There is a new Middle School choral director, Laura Boates.  She will be good for the music program.

·        Band Council will be strengthened and improved this year. 

o   Band Council will generate and have a budget, approx. $4000.  There will be three fundraisers to generate this budget: citrus sale, mattress sale, Farmer’s Market baked Sale.

o   Peiper Stepule is the President and she will serve as the intermediary between Boosters and Band members.  Cliff has confirmed Peiper will attend Booster meetings

·        The Band will use the Program CHARMS to manage itself this year.  Every student has an account.  Should simplify things, and improve efficiency, accuracy, and tracability.

·        HELP NEEDED:  Ned needs help assembling a new music library that has been provided to the band.  Mr Bullock has the necessary tools.  We just need labor.  Boosters agreed to help round up people.

·        Need to get rid of two old and broken pianos.  Will be moved to stage while we see if they can be gotten rid of by freecycle.  If not, will throw out.

Meet and Greet

·        Boosters will provide refreshments for meet and greet: water, chips, trail mix, fruit

·        Meet and greet attendance by parents was disappointing.  Only one new person attended Booster meeting.  Very poor attendance of parents at Ned’s policies and procedures meeting.  Only about half the band showed up.

·        For next year’s meet and greet, Boosters will send an invite to all band parent on e-file as a reminder.

·        Boosters will invite all parents to the first booster meeting of the year on Sept 11 for a re-do

Treasurer’s Report

·        Booster bank account balance is $1616. 

·        Need to replenish this year to have a year end balance of $3000

·        Jean is going to move the Booster bank account to a private account (not part of the school’s account)

Social Media

·        Website has been updated with new info for band and chorus

·        Will be updated with current band council and choral council.

·        Booster distribution list has been updated to include persons that signed up at an event during the year

·        Debbie Bailey will update our Booster pamphlet this year

Open Discussion

·        Booster meetings will continue to be the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the chorus room. 

·        The first Booster Meeting will be Sept 11 and will focus on planning open house and football season.  Will also discuss fund raising plans.  Agenda out before meeting.

·        Objectives of CHS Music Boosters in 2014/15 will be to continue to support the band with the established programs we have.  Will improve our efficiency.  Will draw more members.  Look to expand into middle school and start transition to Coventry schools Music Boosters.  Will look to move into new ways to support the music programs.


·        11 Sept.  Booster meeting

·        19 Sept.  Home football game

·        26 Sept.  Home football game

·        3 Oct.  Home football game

·        9 Oct.  Booster meeting

·        10 Oct  Fall Concert

·        24 Oct.  Home football game ?????? Maybe not

·        7 Nov.  Home football game

·        8 Nov  Mattress Fundraiser

·        13 Nov.  Booster meeting

·        14 Nov.  Home football game

·        6 Dec  PTO craft fair

·        11 Dec.  Booster meeting

·        18 Dec  Winter Concert