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Booster Meeting Minutes 9/11/14

posted Sep 15, 2014, 5:37 PM by Coventry Music Boosters   [ updated Sep 22, 2014, 12:32 PM ]

Coventry Music Boosters

September 11, 2014

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Cliff Stone, D'lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Wendy D'Agostino, Nina D'Agostino. Ilene O'neil, Jean Jennings, Debbie Bailey, Margie Stickles, Carol Gould, Dave Constantino, Darcey Constantino, Rich Ferrara, Kate Ferrara, Dawn Jacobs, Haily Jacobs, Dave Black, Deborah Gacek, Becky Kennedy, Piper Stepule

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 11 September

Band Director’s Report:

·       98 members

·       Using Charms system for class work, grading and communication with students

·       Currently working with students to get email and phone numbers updated in system

·       Ned will provide the Boosters with an account; we can access the database for emails

·       Football team purchased Pep Band t-shirts

·       Band will use $400 to purchase books for Section Leaders

·       Fundraisers – each student must participate in at last one activity:

o   Bake Sale at Nathan Hale Homestead – October 12

o   Mattress Sale – November 8

§  Company will handle the sale; band has to create flyers

o   Citrus Fundraiser – December

·       Football Games:

o   September 19, 26

o   October 3, 24

o   November 7, 14

o   First 5 games, Boosters will provide refreshments

o   Last game, Boosters will do a pot luck dinner and desert

·       Alumni Distribution List

o   Hasn’t been maintained in a long time

o   Ned would like to see if we could create a flyer and email out to this list

o   Possible annual fundraising opportunity

·       Field Trips

o   Looking to go to University of Hartford for “Music Circus” April 11th

·       Sweatshirts

o   Darcy will get style and pricing options to share with the band and chorus

Chorus Report:

·       NYC trip to see Matilda – February 22nd

o   Need more chaperones

o   Band members can join this trip

·       VA Beach – May

o   Competition

o   Busch Gardens

o   $660 per person, so will need to do fundraising

·       Fundraising Activities

o   Butterbraids

o   Coffee Beans

o   Natures Mission

Booster Update:

Treasurer’s Report

·       Bank Account was set up at Rockville Bank for the Band; Chorus has its own bank account

o   Cliff Stone and Jean Jennings are both signers on the account

o   This is not a tax exempt account; will work through the school for any large purchases

Open Discussion

·       Music Library needs to be assembled.  Becky’s husband will install the shelving.

·       Brochure was updated for 2014 – 2015 year; will print a supply for use at Open House

·       Fundraisers

o   Band has their own fundraisers that are separate from any Booster fundraiser

o   Band raises funds for trips and things that they want

o   Boosters raise funds for things that will help the band (ex, risers for the stage, piano, etc.)

o   Chorus does its own fundraising

o   Fundraising committee needs to meet to set up activities – September 25th – 6:30 pm – Chorus room

·       Wreaths

o   There is a company that will sell us plain green wreaths with a red bow for $7.50 each

o   Will look into this more in preparation for wreath-making fundraiser

·       Football Games

o   Will use Signup Genius for the first game asking for donations of drinks and munchies

o   Will see if we can use Charms in the future for this

·       Open House – September 22nd

o   Need to call school and arrange a table

o   Need to get drum for donations

o   Need to get brochures printed


·       19 Sept Home football game

·       22 Sept Open House

·       25 Sept Fundraiser Committee Meeting

·       26 Sept Home football game

·       3 Oct Home football game

·       8 Oct Booster meeting

·       10 Oct Fall Concert

·       12 Oct Bake Sale Nathan Hale Homestead

·       24 Oct Home football game

·       7 Nov Home football game

·       8 Nov Mattress Fundraiser

·       13 Nov Booster meeting

·       14 Nov Home football game

·       6 Dec PTO craft fair

·       11 Dec Booster meeting

·       18 Dec Winter Concert




Coventry Music Boosters,
Sep 22, 2014, 12:30 PM