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February Minutes

posted Feb 20, 2015, 5:52 AM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters

February 12, 2015

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Renee Steeves, Ilene O’Neil, Jean Jennings, Becky Kennedy, Debbie Bailey, Bill McHugo

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 12 February

Band Director’s Report:

·           Jazz band has decided not to perform for the Valentine’s Day dance

·           New York City Band Trip – May 16th – members of the band who wish to participate can travel to NYC to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Blue Man Group prior to their performance.  The cost per person will be $205 and there has to be 50 participants for the trip to occur.  Mr. Smith will send additional info home with the students.

·           Polo Shirts – need to order additional polo shirts.  In the past, Ned has worked with AMonogram4U, but they have since gone out of business.  Darcy Constantino will help Ned in finding forest green polos and get them monogramed.

·           Discussion on Boosters expanding to other groups – we discussed various options and will continue these discussions at next month’s meeting when more members are in attendance

Booster Update:


·           Bank balance = TBA (Jean arrived at meeting directly from work and didn’t have the info)

Middle School Participation with CHS Music Boosters

·       Various options were discussed – opening support to the middle school choir only; opening it to all music programs in K – 12

·       Will need to be discussed at next month’s meeting

Fundraising Efforts

·       February 27:  CHS Husky-thon food sales – Margie wasn’t in attendance - no update

·       February:  Light Bulb sales – Margie and Lynda – no update.  Please note – Jean thought she saw a flyer up at one of the gyms for some other group selling light bulbs – does anyone have additional information on this?

·       March:  Alumni Letter – Contact info received from Ned; draft letter shared with Cliff, Wendy and Ned

·       April:  Dunkin Donuts Fill The Drum – Dunkin Donuts won’t allow any more collections as it slows down the line – won’t be doing this

·       May:  Cassidy Hill Vineyard Wine Tasting and Silent Auction – Wendy has a call into a contact for the Winery to get more info

·       Future fundraising efforts:

o    PaintSipFun – Debbie – contacted company and they are available 3/21 or 3/28.  Ackert Hall only available 3/28.  Waiting to hear back to see if they will “donate” the room ($225)

o    Applebees Pancake Breakfast – someone should contact them to see if we can get signed up to do a breakfast; one group in town just made a quick $1,000


·       22 Feb – Chorus trip to see Matilda in NYC

·       27 Feb – CHS Husky-thon

·       Feb – Light Bulb Sale Fundraiser

·       TBD – PaintSipFun Fundraiser

·       Mar – Alumni Letter Fundraiser

·       11 Apr – CHS Band “Enrichment Day”

·       24-26 Apr – Chorus Festival of Music, VA Beach

·       16 May – New York City band trip

·       May – Cassidy Hill Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Coventry Music Boosters,
Feb 20, 2015, 5:52 AM