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June Booster Meeting Minutes

posted Jul 2, 2015, 11:02 AM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters
June 4, 2015
June Monthly Meeting Minutes


Rebecca Kennedy, Debra Gacek, Ilene O’Neil, Wendy D’Agostino, Cliff and D’Lynn Stone, Ned Smith, Debbie Bailey, Jean Jennings, Bill McHugo, Renee Steves, Dave Black, Darcy and Dave Constantine, Jan Geist, Lynda Picard

Band Update

·       Received thank you letter from Dollars For Scholars for donation to Griffin’s Scholarship Fund

·       CHS had some leftover money and Joe Blake awarded some of these funds to the band program.  With the money, the school was able to purchase a French Horn, Tympani drums and some additional music stands.  We appreciate the support from CHS!

·       2015-2016 Fundraisers – Ned committed to the following fundraisers:

o   Citrus Sale

o   Mattress Sale

o   Bake Sale at Coventry Farmers Market

·       2015 – 2016 Music Department calendar in progress

·       Upcoming Events:

o   Thursday, 6/11, Contemporary Concert – will hand out Band Service Award

o   Friday, 6/12, Tri-M Concert

o   Saturday, 6/13, Bandquet – kids are doing a great job organizing the event on their own.  Food sign-up sheet is being passed around.  Event will be from 5:00 – 9:00 pm

o   Saturday, 6/20, Graduation

o   Tuesday, 8/25, Freshman Orientation and Meet & Greet

§  Considering making this a mandatory meeting for all band members

§  Suggestion was made to send a few high school students to the 8th grade band to collect names, phone numbers and email addresses so everyone is aware of this orientation and meet and greet

·       2016 Trip – will be week after April vacation.  Two options:

o   Nashville – lots of musical interaction; 14 hour bus trip; ~ $900 per student

o   Toronto, Canada – not as much musical interaction; possible stop at Eastman University (no promises); possible participation in a music fest; ~ $800 per student

§  Boosters discussed:  the majority prefer the Nashville trip, but would like a little more info:

·       Any possibility of the students/chaperones flying?  We have volunteers to drive the instruments down.

·       If going by bus, want confirmation that there will be at least two drivers per bus

Booster Discussion

·       Bandquet, June 13th

o   Students are doing most of the planning themselves

o   Suggestion is to have six parents to help throughout the night, especially at clean up – show of hands about 8 people will be there

o   Clean up will be 8:45 – 9:30

o   Will provide gifts to Ned and the Seniors – Wendy & Renee

·       Scholarships

o   Received 8 applications – only recognizing individuals who met the date

o   Selected Joe Stickles and Piper Stepule

o   Jean will write checks for each student

o   Wendy will purchase cards for students

o   Will be presented at the Bandquet

·       Bank Balance

o   $2,129 current balance

o   Additions and subtractions for cash box, scholarships, mugs, gift certificate, etc brings balance to $1,600

o   Anticipating approximately $2,000 additional funds from Cassidy Hill fundraiser

o   $3,600 – approximate balance to start the 2015-2016 year with

·       Cassidy Hill Fundraiser

o   We can sell 100 tickets, but have a target goal of 75 – currently have sold 61 – Wendy is doing a great job getting the word out!

o   Suggestion is to send one final email reminder about the fundraiser, but include it in an email of upcoming dates/events

o   Becky will draft an email and provide to Cliff

o   Not sure of our total profit yet; will be determined at end of the evening (based on # of open bottles of wine)

o   No money spent on food – it was all donated or baked

·       Alumni Letter

o   Lists received from Mr. Susi and Ned have been typed up and there are approximately 274 people on the list; mostly with email addresses

o   Want to send a letter out now introducing the Boosters

o   Deb to share draft with Wendy

o   Deb will look to see how to import these names into Charms

·       2015-2016 Fundraisers

o   Want to be a bit more diligent with our planning efforts

o   Plan to hold fundraising meeting in August

o   Will need to do numerous fund raisers to support the 2016 band trip – coordinate this with the band’s events

o   Will need a strategy for splitting the money earned – some for students; some for band activities

·       2015-2016 Fundraiser Ideas

o   Munson Candy for Easter – Darcy is coordinating this

o   Paint, Sip, Fun

o   Lightbulbs

o   Craft Fair/Wreath Sales

·       2015-2016 Officers

o   David Black (Booster VP) and Debbie Bailey (Booster Secretary) will not be returning and positions will need to be replaced

o   Suggestion was made to have a leader / follower for each position

o   Will discuss replacements during summer Booster meeting

·       Incoming Freshman Orientation

o   Deb Gacek will draft a letter that will be sent to incoming freshman band and coral parents

o   Will be sent from Charms

·       Booster Input on 2016 Trip

o   Nashville trip is our preference

o   Cliff will discuss the following concerns with Ned

§  If going by bus, confirm that there will be at least two drivers per bus

§  Can we get pricing for flights?

·       Some parents volunteered to drive all instruments down in a U-Haul


Coventry Music Boosters,
Jul 2, 2015, 11:02 AM