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March/April Minutes

posted Apr 20, 2015, 4:50 AM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters
April 2, 2015
March/April Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Piper Stepule, Cliff & D’Lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Wendy D’Agostino, Ilene O’Neil, Jean Jennings, Becky Kennedy, Darcy and Dave Constantino, Debbie Bailey

This report will summarize the March/April combined Booster meeting on 2 April

Band Council Report:

·       Budget – Plan was $4,500; Actual is $4,448 – great job for the first year of managing their own funds!

·       Banquet is in the planning stages; will be held in May at Patriot’s Park – more details to come in the near future

·       After 4/10 concert, seniors will have their picture taken

Band Director’s Report:

·           Next year band attendance is projected to be around 130 students

·           Commissioned a piece of music to be played at last concert of 2015; composer Tom Wargo from Rutgers

·           Currently planning overnight trip for next year

·       Would like to do a trip to Philadelphia; Toronto; Nashville or VA Beach

·       Ned sent survey out through Charms

·           Tony Soucey retiring at the end of this school year

·       Full time successor will be hired

·       Coventry music department vision is to break down barriers between music programs

·           Booster Expansion - potential opportunities for a district wide Booster organization

·       to be discussed in the future

·           Next years Pop’s Concert will be a district-wide concert

·           Upcoming Dates

·       4/9 – Spring concert; will be charging for admission - $3 students/seniors; $5 general admission; $15 family of four or more

·       4/11 – John Cage concert; there is room on the bus if anyone wants to go

·       5/16 – Blue Man Group; 4 spots available if anyone wants to go

·       5/28 – Contemporary Music Concert

§  No admission fee, but Boosters will put donation drum out

§  Will sell remaining water and candy

·       5/31 – Memorial Day Parade; will be wearing new polo shirts

·       6/20 - Graduation

Booster Update:


·           Bank balance $2,268

Fundraising Efforts

·       Huskython:  Margie did this, but we aren’t sure how much money was made

·       Lightbulbs:  yes, we will do this in mid-April

·       BJ’s: At the beginning of each month, BJs will donate $25 gift cards to organizations presenting a request letter

o    Becky will get Coventry school letter head

o    Wendy will draft letter that can be modified each month

o    Wendy will visit BJs to get the card, if available

o    Cards can be used to get food or gift items throughout the year

·       Alumni Letter:  in progress

o    Jess Bailey working on list

o    Letter is drafted, Plan to send out now with current band news with a follow up in the fall asking for donations

o    Any donations that are made will go into the Band account (Ned’s)

·       Cassidy Hill Vineyard:  no date scheduled yet

o    Will be a Saturday night after 5 pm; probably do something late June

o    $400 fee for the room for up to 75 people

·       Paint-Sip-Fun:  to be scheduled

o    Debbie will work on getting a location and securing a date from the painting company

o    Target end of April/early May

·       Applebees

o    Ilene will contact them to schedule something for the fall

Next Meeting

·           Discuss how to handle refreshments at concert next year, when to se3rve and whether to charge or not


Coventry Music Boosters,
Apr 20, 2015, 4:50 AM