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November Booster Minutes - 11/20

posted Dec 5, 2014, 3:23 PM by Coventry Music Boosters

Coventry Music Boosters

Nov 20, 2014

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Cliff Stone, D'lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Ilene O’Neil, Jean Jennings, Jan Geist, Dave Black, Becky Kennedy, Lynda Picard, Piper Stepule

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 20 November

Band Director’s Report:

·         On Nov 17, 6 students represented Coventry at ASBDA festival at Cogenstaug high school.  This is a big accomplishment for the students and a prestigious event to be invited to.

o   ASBDA has given Coventry HS the opportunity to host this event on Nov 17 2015.  Ned will pursue this.  Boosters will support as required.

·         Coventry HS was invited to be one of ten schools that will collectively commission a piece of music from a respected composer (missed his name).  The band activity fund will pay the $500 commissioning fee.  Piece will be done in 2015, but we can play in 2015 or 2016.

·         Coventry schools have created the position of Music Department head for the first time.  Ned was chosen as department head and as such has responsibility for the entire music program in Coventry schools, K-12.  CONGRATULATIONS Ned!

·         Ned shared lots of budget related information.  Thanks Ned for being transparent with the budget info

o   The 2015/15 Board of Ed budget request by line item was shared.  There is good news in that District leadership supported an increase in the HS band budget for 2015/16, approximately double the budget for 2013/14.  Band budget has been flat for several years at about $5k.  This year’s request includes a much needed new French horn and other critical supplies.

o   Also shared the various budget “buckets” and where the money comes from and what it supports.

§  Board of Ed budget.  Allocated to band from overall school budget.  Pays for busses, instruments, music, repairs, accompanist, required fees

§  CHS Band Activity fund.  Comes from concerts, donations, student individual payments.  Pays for anything that is necessary to run the program but exceeds the school budget (music, repairs, and supplies).  This is required because the schools budget is insufficient.

§  Band Council budget.  New this year.  A separate account intended to give band council authority and responsibility over some budget.  This year, they raised ~$4500 from the baked goods sale, citrus sale, mattress sale.

§  Ned also shared the music department “wish list.”  Boosters had asked for this so that we could set our sights on a goal to be able to fund raise toward.  Boosters are an independent organization, separate from the band, which supports the music programs in Coventry Schools.

Booster Update:

PTO Craft Fair

·         The rest of the meeting was dedicated to detail planning of the PTO Craft Fair

·         Boosters will be selling wreaths, small poinsettias, ornaments, crafts, Munson’s candy

·         Wreaths

o   We have a few people who have donated holly for the holly wreaths

§  Three locations from Jean, Lynda Picard has a couple locations and so does Margie

o   We are also buying 12 balsam wreaths from Copley’s

o   Will make as many Holly wreaths as we can and possibly also make some mixed

·         Cliff has to resend the sign up genius to remind people of the craft fair


·         Darcy has ordered 47 sweatshirts.  This includes 6 extras.  Will be available after Thanksgiving


·         6 Dec - PTO craft fair

·         11 Dec - Booster meeting

·         18 Dec - Winter Concert

·         22 Feb – Chorus led trip to see Matilda in NYC

·         24-26 April – Chorus Festival of Music, VA Beach
Coventry Music Boosters,
Dec 5, 2014, 3:23 PM