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October Booster Meeting Minutes - 10/8/14

posted Oct 13, 2014, 7:40 AM by Coventry Music Boosters   [ updated Oct 18, 2014, 11:04 AM ]

Coventry Music Boosters

October 8, 2014

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Ned Smith, Cliff Stone, D'lynn Stone, Renee Steeves, Wendy D'Agostino, Ilene O'neil, Jean Jennings, Debbie Bailey, Margie Stickles, Kate Ferrara, Dawn Jacobs, Hailey Jacobs, Dave Black, Deborah Gacek, Becky Kennedy, Piper Stepule, Melissa Rood

This report will summarize the Booster meeting on 8 October

Band Director’s Report:

·       NEDC Accreditation scheduled for next year

o   Very important that parents complete the survey that will be sent out in a few weeks

·       Charms

o   Need CHARMS to be complete with every student e-mail address and at least one parent e-ail address

o   Need 6 students email addresses and a lot of parent email addresses

o   Boosters have been set up with an account

o   Debbie/Ned will work to identify missing parent email addresses and attempt to get them updated

·       Concert conflict.  The soccer game that was previously scheduled as a day game this Friday, Oct 10, got moved to a night game, and now conflicts with the Concert.  About six kids affected.  Ned goes to a lot of trouble to schedule concerts when there are no conflicts. 

o   Boosters take action to ask Parent Advisory Council, or other appropriate organization and ask that Band Concert dates be respected.

·       Music Library

o   Thank you to the Kennedy’s!  The library shelves have been built and are being stocked with music

·       Nathan Hale Bake Sale – Sunday, October 12th

o   Baked goods can be dropped off at the school, with Piper, or brought to the Farmers Market on Sunday

o   Lots of students are participating and adult supervision will be there

·       Band Council

o   Working on building a checklist for future fundraising events to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Chorus Report:

·       Butterbraids Fundraiser

o   Need parents to help on delivery day, October 28th, at 12:30 pm - Need 4 volunteers

o   Cliff will send an email through Charms after specific request comes from Melissa

·       Chamber Concert – October 22nd

o   The chorus will be performing on 10/22 and have invited any of the band members who want to do a solo, duet, any other type of performance to join in

·       Holiday Concert – week before Winter vacation

o   Still in the planning stages

o   Would like to partner with the band

·       NYC trip to see Matilda – February 22nd

o   Need at least 20 more people to sign up

o   $75 includes bus trip and Broadway ticket to show

o   Leave CHS 8 am; return approximately 10 pm

·       VA Beach – Festival of Music – April 24 - 26

o   Need 35 more??? people to attend

o   $660 per person, so will need to do fundraising

Booster Update:

Treasurer’s Report

·       Bank balance = $1,472.04

·       Paid printing and grocery bills

·       Fully transitioned out of the school account

Open Discussion

·       What are the various accounts and what is covered by them?


Band Council


·       Outside support to help the music program in general

·       Help to purchase larger expense items and wish list items

·       Raise money through fundraisers and donations

·       General fund to be used by the band members

·       Raise money through fundraisers

·       Purchase types include t-shirts, instruments, etc.

·       This is Ned’s budget provided by the Board of Education

·       Very small budget

·       Money is used to purchase or fix instruments, purchase music

·       Fundraising efforts are over and above this account

·       Band budget is quite small.  Consideration given to band / boosters / parents putting a campaign together to get a larger budget for the band.  A budget that matches the size / growth / accomplishments of the band in the past several years.  Fudnraising committee action to brainstorm

·       Fund raising committee meeting needs to be scheduled.  Margie will talk to Wendy and target the week of 27 Oct

·       Citrus fundraiser coming up.  This is a band council fundraiser and Carol Gould will be the Booster assigned to support the band.  Oct 20-24 distribute forms.  Nov 7 forms due back.  December delivery.

·       Wreaths

o   Remind friends not to cut their holly bushes – we need the donations


·       10 Oct - Fall Concert

·       12 Oct - Bake Sale Nathan Hale Homestead

·       20 Oct – Citrus Fundraiser Kicks Off

·       22 Oct – Chamber Concert

·       24 Oct - Home football game

·       3 Nov – Butterbraid Delivery – 1:00 pm

·       7 Nov - Home football game

·       7 Nov – Citrus Fundraiser Ends

·       8 Nov - Mattress Fundraiser

·       13 Nov - Booster meeting

·       14 Nov - Home football game – potluck dinner served before the game to the band

·       6 Dec - PTO craft fair

·       11 Dec - Booster meeting

·       18 Dec - Winter Concert

·       22 Feb – Chorus led trip to see Matilda in NYC

·       24-26 April – Chorus Festival of Music, VA Beach



Coventry Music Boosters,
Oct 13, 2014, 7:40 AM